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  “An exquisitely intimate tale of war, redemption, and family seen through the eyes of a filmmaker who helped her dad lay his ghosts to rest. As it unfolds, Waller’s film holds us gently in the sweep of our own personal histories as we each make our peace.”

--  Joyce Kulhawik, President,

Boston Theater Critics Association/

"It's rare to find such raw emotion in a documentary, and rarer still to see it in a full, satisfying story. The Silent Soldier shows that moral redemption is something that can really happen in the lives of all of us. Ultimately, it's a film about the incalculable value of a single human life."

--  Murray Horowitz, NPR commentator, Tony Award-winning playwright

"The story is beautifully and lovingly told in the filmmakers' expert hands. It's excellent, perfectly completed by the coda about what he did with his life after his rescue, which feels like a one-man encapsulation of the Greatest Generation."

--  Mitchell Zuckoff, No.1 New York Times bestselling author of 13 Hours

"The Silent Soldier and The Portrait allows us to tag along on an astonishing family journey as a daughter learns of her father’s long kept secrets and then helps him keep a promise to himself. Along the way we learn of a never before told story of a World War II disaster, a mysterious stolen painting, and a brother lost in war. In the end, we feel lucky to have met JohnWaller and luckier still he was allowed the time to tell a story that his many fallen World War II comrades can't."

--  Robin Young, Host of NPR/WBUR's Here and Now

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