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The BBC was so taken with the story of John Waller crossing the English Channel for the first
time since the Leopoldville had been torpedoed on Christmas Eve of 1944. They produced a
moving story on John Waller - and the production team - for British audiences.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 7.35.30 AM.png

"A US military veteran has paid tribute to his lost troopship at the site where it was sunk during World War Two.

John Waller was with the 66th Infantry Division on the SS Leopoldville when it was torpedoed on its way from Southampton to Cherbourg in 1944.

More than 800 people drowned, but he survived despite spending 45 minutes in the sea.

Now 93, Mr Waller threw a wreath from a ferry over the wreck site. He said it had been an "emotional" experience."

A special thanks to Brittany Ferries.

For more information on the Brittany Ferries and the Barfleur (seen below) click here.

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